Cerveza Secrets Unveiled: Where Modelo Is Brewed

Where Modelo Is Brewed

Modelo beer traces its origins back to 1925 when Cervecería Modelo first began brewing beer in Tacuba, Mexico City. This brewery established the iconic Mexican beer brand that would go on to become one of the most popular beers exported from Mexico. Now, almost 100 years later, production of Modelo takes place at multiple breweries … Read more

From Grain to Glass: How Budweiser is Made

How Budweiser is Made

Budweiser is an iconic American-style pale lager produced by Anheuser-Busch Companies (A-B). It is brewed using a blend of barley malt, rice, hops, water, and yeast. The barley malt, which makes up 70% of the recipe, provides the sugars that yeast will ferment into alcohol. 98% of the barley used comes from American farms in … Read more

Sip Smart: How Many Calories Does Michelob Ultra Really Pack?

How Many Calories Does Michelob Ultra

As a nutritionist, I am often asked about the calories and nutritional value of different alcoholic beverages. One beer that frequently comes up is Michelob Ultra, which markets itself as a lower-calorie option. At just 95 calories per 12-ounce serving, Michelob Ultra contains significantly fewer calories than most regular beers, which average around 150 calories … Read more

From Brewery to Bottle: Exploring Where Dos Equis is Brewed

where dos equis is brewed

Dos Equis is a classic Mexican beer that has become incredibly popular in the United States. The lager-style beer was originally brewed in Mexico in 1897 under the name Siglo XX, meaning “twentieth century.” It was later renamed Dos Equis, which translates to “two X’s” and comes from the Roman numeral XX. Dos Equis continues … Read more

Explore the World of Beers: Find Your Next Favorite That Tastes Like Michelob Ultra!

Beers That Tastes Like Michelob Ultra

As a nutritionist with a keen interest in understanding the dietary impacts of beverages, I’ve researched extensively on the spectrum of beers that echo the characteristics of Michelob Ultra. Esteemed for its lightness, Michelob Ultra is a widely consumed lager known for its minimal flavor profile, high carbonation, and being refreshingly cold. Those who appreciate … Read more